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The videos below are a true MRI of the diamonds with full transparency at 11 - 15 power as you’re looping it with a microscope. Other websites do not show inclusions with full transparency and education.

4753 Diamonds

Shape Size Tender Discount 60 Months Financing Cut Color Clarity Fluor Depth Table Measurement Lab Polish Symm Stock No.
Oval 7.11 $122,594 $153,243 N/A J SI1 F 66.3 46 14.82x10.47x6.94 GIA VG G D56201
Round 4.04 $131,987 $164,984 Excellent F VS1 N/A 61.7 58 10.25x10.21x6.32 GIA EX EX D56302
Round 4.70 $172,743 $215,928 Excellent F VS1 N 58.9 62 10.94x10.99x6.46 GIA EX EX E38926